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About ClickScan Document Management Software

About ClickScan
ClickScan provides an affordable document imaging solution for small businesses with the most used features of enterprise-level imaging software. ClickScan was designed to allow the small business an affordable and easy way to convert their paper documents to digital form, saving office space, time spent in filing, and money used in paper-based filing systems.

ClickScan allows businesses to take advantage of these benefits:
•Never losing or misfiling of important documents
•Reduction in space requirements
•Cutting file retrieval and access time by 75%
•Retrieve, view, print, and export documents from any computer
•Eliminate costly rented storage space
•Save money

About Professional Document Systems
Since 1976, PDS has provided records management, electronic imaging, micrographic and material handling solutions to government, education, business and healthcare organizations throughout New Mexico, West Texas, and the maquila industries of Juarez, Mexico.

We have encountered and solved a wide variety of document management and material handling challenges. Our solutions are customer-focused and specifically designed to meet the varying needs of a diverse client base. As a full service document and records management provider, PDS develops and supports solutions in the following areas:

• Document Imaging Software
• Micrographics
• Mechanical Filing (paper-based) Systems
• Material Handling Systems
• Document Conversion Services

Our consultative approach guarantees that our clients receive a tailored, cost effective solution based on their document/record characteristics.

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